What is FORMDEV?

FORMDEV is a special program and community of volunteer faculty, staff, alumni, and students of the College of Computer Studies (CCS) of De La Salle University (DLSU). The mission of FORMDEV is to proclaim and demonstrate the Lasallian and Gospel values of faith, zeal, and love, especially for one’s community and for the poor.

Where it all began

In 2000, a group of CCS professors and students began meeting weekly to study the life of St. La Salle, believing that this would inspire them to be more Christ-like and more concerned about the plight of the poor.

In 2001, when they finished studying Br. Luke Salm’s biography of St. La Salle, The Work is Yours, the student members of the group unanimously felt that all CCS students should go through the same experience that they went through of getting to know Christ, St. La Salle, themselves, and other members of the CCS community more deeply.

Thus, FORMDEV was born, and a 0.5-unit course, also called FORMDEV, was offered to CCS students in 2002. By God’s grace, FORMDEV (the program, community, and course) continue to exist to this day.

Transformed by Love

If you want to read more about FORMDEV, Dr. Raymund Sison talks about it in his blog, Transformed by Love.

Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out to us via our FORMDEV Facebook page. If you're a student and you need to contact your specific facilitator for FORMDEV course-related inquiries, log in to your student account and view your facilitator's contact details.